October 2012

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Eye in the 13 MHz Network

The Codar network is taking a beating but keeps on ticking.  You can make out the eye in the 13 MHz network. Here is the latest status of the radial […]

Sediment Resuspension!

Over the last few hours we’ve seen large concentrations of sediment throughout the water-column. Values were reduced as RU23 transited over a shallow ridge, but reached expected full water-column values […]

Temperature, Salinity and Depth

To highlight what Greg and Scott are talking about with Temperature and Salinity in the vertical, I’ve downloaded and plotted some of the real-time data from RU23. Pre-storm the water-column […]

More on Sandy vs. Irene SST

Here is a more detailed comparison of SST evolution between Hurricane Irene last year and Hurricane Sandy this year. Below is yesterday’s (10/28/2012) snapshot of RU-COOL’s own unique SST product […]

Wave Watch III

Results from Eoin’s MARACOOS Asset Mapper below.  http://assets.maracoos.org/   Wave Watch III has 30 ft waves offshore, wrapping around the storm and covering the full Mid Atlantic mid to outer […]