IOOS Certification

ioos cert

MARACOOS is certified by the federal government for meeting rigorous governance and data management standards.

All IOOS regions are certified and deliver federal-quality data from the water, to the user, to the archive.

What is certification?

Certification demonstrates that the data served by MARACOOS are of the same high quality as those served by the federal government. The Integrated Coastal and Ocean Observation System (ICOOS) Act of 2009 established the standards for certification, which include requirements for data archival.



MARACOOS' regional structure promotes coordination and collaboration at the regional level and ensures a long-lasting and stable organization.

data management

Data Management

Certifcation ensures that data are consistent, reliable, and of the same high quality as those served by the federal government.

quality assurance

Quality Assurance

Data are quality-checked and archived with NOAA's National Center for Environmental Information for long-term storage and access.

regional focus

Regional Focus

Data products address the specific needs of Mid-Atlantic users while conforming to national standards and requirements.

Benefits of certification

  1. Users have confidence in the data served by MARACOOS and the IOOS regions.
  2. Certification enhances efficient interagency coordination.
  3. Federal agencies rely on IOOS regions to access non-federal data and to disseminate integrated data on a regional level.
  4. Researchers and others can work with IOOS regions to fulfill data management requirements of publicly-funded grants.
  5. Certification provides liability protection for Regional Associations.

Learn more about certification from U.S. IOOS.