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MARACOOS-NY Harbor Pilot-Stevens Institute of Technology collaboration

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MARACOOS-NY Harbor Pilot-Stevens Institute of Technology collaboration

MARACOOS Stakeholder Liaison Peter Moore recently convened a collaborative meeting between Stevens Institute of Technology and NY Harbor Pilot Simon Zoravich (pictured with Peter overlooking Manhattan from Stevens). Research Professors Nikitas Georgas and Jon Miller met with Zoravich to explain the NYHOPS website and the NY Harbor and Hudson River current model and explore development of an "app" for smart phones. These models run on MARACOOS data feeds and serve mariners throughout the region. Zoravich, a Senior Pilot, is employed by McAllister Towing, one of the oldest and largest marine towing and transportation companies in the US. Zoravich has been a NY Harbor Pilot for nearly 40 years, and has identified a gap in current model forecast data around the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, Arthur Kill, Kill van Kull and Bayway Refinery docks. These are areas of complex currents -- surface and bottom -- and are waters he and other Pilots must safely navigate while piloting oil and chemical tankers ranging up to 1000 feet long and drawing a 40 foot depth.


Georgas, of Stevens, has also developed a current profile model that shows surface and bottom currents running in opposite directions. This was of great interest to Zoravich given the depth of draft of his vessels makes them vulnerable to opposing currents.


As a first step in developing new capabilities from the MARACOOS Observatory, Moore continues to identify Stakeholder needs and seek solutions through the Observatory resources, including identifying innovative sources of funding these developments where possible and development of "apps" for easy access to MARACOOS information.