Estuary Stations


Estuary stations are immobile and could be located on the edge of a creek or wetland, fixed to a pier or attached to a permanent structure in a waterway. MARACOOS serves data from three data providers including the National Estuarine Research Reserves (NERRS), Hudson River Environmental Conditions Observing System (HRECOS), and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (Maryland DNR).

These stations are operated by a variety of groups including NOAA (NERRS), state government (Maryland DNR) and collections of academic, government and private groups (HRECOS). Data are typically available in near real time (15 minutes to 1 hour), and throughout the year, though in winter some systems are shut down due to ice issues. They collect both meteorological and surface water data.

Typical products include: water temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, depth, water elevation, pH, turbidity, chlorophyll, air temperature, barometric pressure, relative humidity, wind speed, wind direction, radiation, and rainfall.

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