August 22 Update

Sunday  provided  New Jersey with strong thunder storms and  heavy rains.  So the  question today was if the storm disrupted the bloom and  whether the clouds would clear in time for a nice image. Luckily the clouds were clear by the early afternoon during satellite passes which allowed us to collect new imagery.  The ocean color imagery shows the high chlorophyll bloom remains  along the southern coast of New Jersey.  A significant fraction of high chlorophyll water continues to advect  northward and then alongshore off Long Island.

CODAR current maps (below is the 25 hour average) show the offshore transport of coastal waters from off New Jersey.  These waters likely combine with the southern flowing currents from the Hudson river area; however the extent of the relative contributions of these distinct water masses will require a detailed analysis that will be forthcoming. Currently there is not much temperature variability across the shelf

The glider continues to continue to survey the middle and southern regions of New Jersey.  The nearshore bottom waters show lower percent oxygen saturation values with values around 60%  (oxygen values >3.1).  We will continue to monitor the situation this week.

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