UD 134 Deployed, Redeployed and other Mid-Atlantic Glider Updates


University of Delaware graduate students Harrison Smith and Robert Roose after successfully launching UD 134.

August 6th, 2020

UD 134 was successfully deployed on Wednesday, July 29 by the University of Delaware. On Thursday, July 30 members of the glider team were observing UD 134’s path and noticed it moving in the wrong direction at an odd speed. The team was able to track the glider’s location in near real-time and locate the glider in Cape May, NJ. (Track glider in near real-time using MARACOOS OceansMap and the US IOOS Glider DAC) After conducting tests to make sure the glider was not damaged, the team was able to redeploy UD 134 on Friday, July 31 just in time to collect critical data before, during and after Isaias. This would not have been possible without the awesome glider teammates from Rutgers University and University of Delaware and the precision of the US IOOS glider DAC.

UD 134 is part of a partnership that includes NOAA, the US Navy, US IOOS (including MARACOOS) and many academic partners to study atmospheric/ocean interactions during hurricane season. The 30 gliders launched this year as part of this partnership will provide data to help improve hurricane forecast models.

There are now 5 gliders deployed in the Mid-Atlantic: *4 are part of the hurricane glider partnership mentioned above RU_33*, 2 US Navy gliders deployed by Rutgers University and Monmouth University*, UD 134* RU_34

More glider deployments coming soon!


University of Delware Graduate Student Robert Roose before deploying UD 134