Delaware Bay Observing System (DBOS)

Delaware Bay PORTSThe Delaware Bay Observing System (DBOS) consists of a series of lighthouses equipped with oceanographic and meteorological instrumentation to measure the dynamic coupling between the atmospheric and ocean variability in the Bay. The DBOS goal is to statistically determine the transfer functions between wind speed, direction, sea level, and current profile. For more information, visit Delaware Bay Observing System (DBOS)

The Delaware Environmental Observing System (DEOS) is a support tool for decision makers involved with emergency management, natural resource monitoring, transportation, and other activities throughout the State of Delaware. Our primary goal is to provide state agencies and the citizens of Delaware with immediate information about environmental conditions in and around the State. DEOS also archives data for historical environmental studies and research. Visit:

NOAA's 4,900-acre Delaware reserve monitors long-term changes in weather and aquatic conditions in the estuary using its physical oceanographic real-time system (PORTS). The reserve's research and monitoring programs address key management issues, such as biodiversity and the impacts of land use on estuarine habitats,ecological impacts on horseshoe crab populations from migratory shorebirds, beach replenishment activities in relation to habitat preservation/reclamation, and eutrophication and contaminants in the estuary.

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