The cold side of Nemo

Nemo is up over Canadian waters.  New England is still under the clouds on the cold side of this storm.

MARACOOS HF Radar network emerges

Hurricane Sandy did significant damage to the MARACOOS HF Radar network.  But the MARACOOS Radar-techs were able to borrow pieces, move Radars, and quickly reassemble the primary regional long-range network […]

More Nemo from space & shore

A view of NEMO from Space: And the view from the shore: Along shore currents, > 50 cm/sec, along the entire Mid Atlantic Bight.  

Wave Watch III

Results from Eoin’s MARACOOS Asset Mapper below.   Wave Watch III has 30 ft waves offshore, wrapping around the storm and covering the full Mid Atlantic mid to outer […]

Observatory Morning Update

Here is the regional-scale overview.   Above is the view from space – the cloud tops of Hurricane Sandy approaching the Mid Atlantic Bight.   Remove the clouds, and above […]

RU23 switched to offshore course

Thanks to all at Teledyne Webb for the nice email this morning. And thanks for being the back up Dockserver site if (maybe when?) we loose power here in New […]

The MAB heads south

Wanted to get this one up quick while preparing the morning report. The full Mid Atlantic Bight is heading alongshore to the south. The structure was very different in Irene […]