October 2012

Eye in the 13 MHz Network

The Codar network is taking a beating but keeps on ticking.  You can make out the eye in the 13 MHz network. Here is the latest status of the radial […]

Sediment Resuspension!

Over the last few hours we’ve seen large concentrations of sediment throughout the water-column. Values were reduced as RU23 transited over a shallow ridge, but reached expected full water-column values […]

Temperature, Salinity and Depth

To highlight what Greg and Scott are talking about with Temperature and Salinity in the vertical, I’ve downloaded and plotted some of the real-time data from RU23. Pre-storm the water-column […]

More on Sandy vs. Irene SST

Here is a more detailed comparison of SST evolution between Hurricane Irene last year and Hurricane Sandy this year. Below is yesterday’s (10/28/2012) snapshot of RU-COOL’s own unique SST product […]

HF Radar Update

Lost comms to ASSA and HATY.  Reflected power has jumped at BRIG, no Bragg in the spectra.  All other sites operating and reporting.  Increased the maximum velocity limit from 150 […]

Wave Watch III

Results from Eoin’s MARACOOS Asset Mapper below.  http://assets.maracoos.org/   Wave Watch III has 30 ft waves offshore, wrapping around the storm and covering the full Mid Atlantic mid to outer […]