Morning Sandy Update

Sandy has strengthened overnight to 85 mph, with a minimal central pressure of an incredible 946 mb.  The incredible aspect to the pressure is that this is the lowest pressure of any coastal or tropical system north of Cape Hatteras since at least the 1938 Long Island Express Hurricane.  To put in a larger context, this pressure is equivalent to a category 3 hurricane!  Latest recon is showing intensification, truly astounding!

Most intense US Hurricanes :

Sandy has begun the anticipated turn towards the NNW this morning, at 20 MPH.  Sandy will continue to bend more towards the WNW by this evening as it approaches landfall 15 miles either side of Atlantic City, NJ.

Storm surge flooding has already reached 3.5 feet along the entire coastline, and this will unfortunately for coastal communities, continue to rise throughout the day.

There have been a number of reports of pieces of the Atlantic City boardwalk floating through the streets, and several feet of water in coastal communities.

The 00Z RUWRF (3km) run shows a landfall around Atlantic City before 00Z this evening.


Sandy may further intensify further before landfall.  The National Hurricane Center has decided to allow for the handoff of responsibilities to the NWS forecast offices as the storm is becoming more subtropical to extra-tropical in nature.  Hurricane Force Wind Warnings are in effect along the coast, with High Wind Warnings are in effect far inland.