10.5 Inches is only the Beginning

Over the past few hours Nemo has moved further up along the eastern seaboard and is beginning to really hit Long Island pretty hard.  I was able to create animations showing the storms progression through the HF Radar Maps and via screenshots of the WeatherFlow radar images

Nemo HF Radar Animation 1400-2100


WeatherFlow Radar 4:50pm – 8:40pm

While working on these I have had The Weather Channel on in the background, and heard a few very interesting tid bits about the storm.  First of which was of the image below (screen shots of radar from The Weather Channel’s Broadcast) is showing the intensity of the snow fall.  They claimed that never before has a snow storm yielded such an intensity resulting in the deep blues shown over Long Island to the east of Islip.  Normally their maps only show the lighter blues that are over northern NJ and New York City in the image below.  These darker blues are showing the areas over Long Island that have already seen 10.5+ inches of snow and according to their forecast this area is still only in the beginning.

Next TWC went into the strong winds that will start kicking in over the next few hours as we go into night with some areas of New England seeing gusts up into the 70’s.

Finally (although I haven’t yet found a detailed image) Greg Seroka pointed me in the direction of WeatherBug.com where I found a map of lightning from this storm.