Fish Detecting Glider Deployed

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Chasing Fish with a GliderThe acoustic receivers are integrated on the dorsal and ventral sides of the body

Thousands of marine organisms in the Mid-Atlantic are carrying VEMCO acoustic tags implanted by researchers that are members of the Atlantic Cooperative Telemetry (ACT) network that emit coded signals. Now, by integrating VEMCO acoustic receivers into a Slocum Glider, researchers can know in near real time what type of environment these organisms are using. 

The glider provides flexibility in acoustic receiver deployment around transient ocean fronts and eddys, which are known to attract many types of fish. The gliders first mission will be to track the Sand Tiger Shark and endangered Atlantic Sturgeon through a collaboration between the University of Delaware, Delaware State University, and the University of Rhode Island.

Inaugural Launch of a VEMCO integrated Slocum Glider