MARACOOS Integrates Hudson River Data

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The Hudson River Environmental Conditions Observing System (HRECOS) is a network of real-time monitoring stations on the Hudson River Estuary. The stations are geographically distributed from Utica in the Mohawk River to the New York/New Jersey harbor and are recording river conditions every 15 minutes. HRECOS is operated by a consortium of many partners from government and the research community and is funded by the USEPA, NOAA, Hudson River Foundation, and the Hudson River Estuary Program of the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. In order for the HRECOS data to meet the IOOS data standards, the Maracoos DMAC team have integrated the data feeds from the stations. The near real-time data is now stored on the high performance Maracoos data servers and accessible from the Maracoos SOS server.