Offshore wind energy revolution

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Hugh RoartyDr. Hugh Roarty was one of two scientists from the United States chosen to be part of an international expedition to learn about the marine science and technology within Germany. There were a total of 16 scientists and engineers from 13 countries.  The fellowship was sponsored by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

Dr. Roarty met with world leading researchers at the Alfred Wegner Institute, GEOMAR and ForWind.  One of the highlights of the tour was learning about Germany’s research wind farm Alpha Ventus. The impetus for this fellowship stemmed from the offshore wind energy revolution that is occurring in Europe.  Europe has installed 84,000 MW of wind power capacity of which 10% is offshore.  The United States has 49,000 MW of installed capacity with no offshore installations.  The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities is funding the Coastal Ocean Observation Laboratory to study the offshore wind resource in New Jersey to help meet the state’s goal of having 22% of the state’s electricity generated by renewable sources by 2021.