Summary Report from the Short-Lived Species Workshop

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MARACOOS announces the release of the proceedings of an industry-research collaborative workshop held in September 2013 that focused on research needs associated with commercially valuable Short-Lived Species (Squid and Butterfish) of the Mid-Atlantic fishery. MARACOOS worked collaboratively with CINAR member Rutgers University and Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation (CFRF) to organize and host the workshop. Proceedings are now available on the MARACOOS website.
The primary goal of the workshop was the identification of research/data needs to support a better understanding of the changes in abundance and distribution, ecological role, and responses to changing environmental factors of these species.
The proceedings cover simple facts about the three species' life history, to food web dynamics, to survey information, to environmental influences, to modeling, and to data management. The take-away is there is still much more we need to learn about short-lived species in order to manage them sustainably and harvest them efficiently - especially how they may be responding to changing environmental conditions. Collaborative research will play a key role in answering these questions, together with sound data management and data sharing.
To that end, MARACOOS has developed , a dedicated portal for the fishing industry, managers and the public to access relevant real-time oceanographic information, and model outputs including frontal zones, bottom water temperatures, sea surface temperatures, currents and surface weather,  and other critical tools such as bycatch hotspots for fishermen and managers. The site will continue to be developed as new data feeds and information become available. We welcome feedback on the MyMARACOOS web tool.
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