The RU15 glider finds warm water at the shelf edge, leading offshore anglers to tuna fishing grounds

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During the month of September, the RU15 glider was flying from the NJ coast to the edge of the continental shelf  and back. At the shelf edge, from Sept. 10-13, RU15 encountered water that was pulled from the Gulf Stream back in May. This water is clear, warm and has high salinity. It looks like bad data in the center of the plot, but it’s good science!


Figure 1. RU 15 Glider track dates overlaid on a sea surface temperature image

Figure 2. RU15 cross section of temperature from September 3 to September 18. Note the huge temperature spike from the surface to the bottom from September 10-13.

Offshore angler Jeff Yapalater stated “This data was great and many of us headed to where the edge of warm water and the cooler inshore water met. It was a very good move. We found tuna right near those breaks between the Toms and Carteret Canyons!”


Figure 3. Jeff Yapalater with freshly caught tuna, thanks to MARACOOS glider and satellite data.