Obama Administration Releases Draft Implementation Plan for Comment

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The Obama Administration has released a Draft Implementation Plan for the National Ocean Policy to address challenges and opportunities in and around our country’s oceans, coasts and the Great Lakes. As per the release, the Draft Plan includes input from industry, conservation groups, local officials, the public and other stakeholders who provided feedback to the National Ocean Council through two public comment periods and 12 regional listening sessions.

The Draft Plan includes the following sections:

  • List of National Priority Objectives
  • Ecosystem-based Management
  • Inform Decisions and Improve Understanding       
  • Observations, Mapping, and Infrastructure
  • Coordinate and Support      
  • Regional Ecosystem Protection and Restoration    
  • Resiliency and Adaptation to Climate Change and Ocean Acidification    
  • Water Quality and Sustainable Practices on Land   
  • Changing Conditions in the Arctic
  • Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning

While all the sections (with the exception of the section on the Arctic) have relevance to the Mid-Atlantic region, we direct your attention specifically to the sections on: Inform Decisions and Improve Understanding (page 18); and Observations, Mapping and Infrastructure (page 26).

The Administration is accepting public comments until midnight EST on February 27th. The portal for comments on the Draft Implementation Plan, as well as a copy of the plan, can be found at: http://www.whitehouse.gov/administration/eop/oceans/implementationplan.

You are welcome to comment directly. MARACOOS Members are welcome to also comment to us; we will provide a set of comments on behalf of MARACOOS. Members may forward their comments to kuska@sentinel.marine.rutgers.edu