ICES Working Group on the Northwest Atlantic Regional Seas

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ICESMARACOOS collaborators Josh Kohut (Rutgers IMCS) and John Manderson (NOAA) participated in the Working Group on the Northwest Atlantic Regional Sea for the International Council of the Exploration of the Sea. The meeting was held March, 6-8  2012 in Falmouth, MA. The working group was tasked to develop an integrated ecosystem assessment for the western Atlantic from Cape Hattaras, North Carolina to Newfoundland, Canada. Josh presented the “Butterfish Smackdown: Incorporating fisheries knowledge into a regional scale "operational" habitat model for a keystone pelagic fish”. John Manderson reported on the NART/MARACOOS seascape ecology workshop and delivered the introduction to the session on Habitat and Spatial Planning for which he serves as US co-chair.

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