Maracoos Partners At 2012 Oceanology Conference

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MARACOOS had strong representation at this year’s Oceanology International Conference, held in London from March 13-15, 2012. During the oil and gas session, MARACOOS Co-Lead PI, Scott Glenn (Rutgers University), presented on the Gulf of Mexico deepwater current structure observations. Taking into account the increasingly challenging locations of remaining oil reserves, the session focused on the latest developments in ocean observing.  Link to his presentation can be found HERE.

Oceanology 2012Dr. Scott Glenn delivers his keynote speech at Oceanology 2012 "The U.S. IOOS Response to the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill: The Critical Role of Modern Ocean Observing Networks"

MARACOOS PI, Mike Bruno (Stevens Institute), spoke about maritime security at the conference, explaining the layered approach that the Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence is taking to maritime domain awareness. This approach starts with satellites, transitions to HF Radar and finishes in the ports with acoustic and optical technologies. Mike highlighted several success stories including the Stevens and MARACOOS response during the US Airways flight 1549 crash landing in the Hudson River.

Also participating in the conference were MARACOOS members and partners, CODAR Ocean Sensors and Teledyne Webb Research, Applied Science Associates, Fugro, Sonardyne, Woods Hole Group and YSI. Teledyne featured at their exhibit booth the documentary, "Atlantic Crossing: a Robot’s Daring Mission", about the first autonomous underwater robot to cross the Atlantic - a major Rutgers and MARACOOS achievement.

Oceanology 2012Dr. Scott Glenn (left) and Dr. Michael Bruno (right) pose in front of an image of surface currents provided by HF Radars from CODAR Ocean Sensors.

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