MARACOOS Annual Meeting 2016

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The meeting opened with a welcome from Executive Director Gerhard Kuska and opening remarks from MARACOOS Board Chair Carolyn Thoroughgood.

The meeting’s first panel sought to drive focus towards our growing innovation initiative. Entitled “Innovation and Integration Lessons” it featured speakers from the Global and Mid-Atlantic, National, Regional, and Private Sectors including Scott Glenn the Vice Chair of the MARACOOS Board, Josie Quintrell the Executive Director of the IOOS Association, Ru Morrison the Executive Director of NERACOOS and Steve Woll the Director of Business Development for WeatherFlow and MARACOOS Board Member.

The meeting’s second panel focused on “Stakeholder Needs in Emerging Areas” and featured speakers who specialize in such areas as Estuarine/Ocean Acidification, HABs, Fisheries Habitat, Animal Telemetry, and Inundation/Storm Events. The panel was moderated by Peter Moore, MARACOOS Stakeholder Liaison, and speakers included Mike Oesterling of the Shellfish Growers of VA, Keith Skiles of the VA Dept of Health, Bill Bright a Commercial Fisherman from Cape May, NJ, John Manderson from NEFSC Cooperative Research, Matt Ogburn of the Smithsonian Institution, and Michelle Covi of the Virginia Sea Grant.

Over lunch, MARACOOS was lucky enough to have The Honorable Ben Grumbles the Secretary of the Environment for the State of Maryland as our Keynote Speaker. He praised MARACOOS’ and IOOS’ ocean observing research and spoke of governmental support in the state of Maryland.

The meeting then broke into 2 rounds of Breakout Sessions. The first to working groups focused on Estuarine/Ocean Acidification, chaired by Kaity Goldsmith (MARCO) and Grace Saba (MARACOOS) and Animal Telemetry, chaired Matt Ogburn, (Smithsonian Institution).

The second round of Breakout session topics were Fisheries, moderated by Bill Bright (Commercial Fisherman, Cape May, NJ), John Manderson (NEFSC Cooperative Research), and Josh Kohut (MARACOOS/Rutgers), an Inundation session chaired by Sarah Wilkins (CBSSC), and a Harmful Algal Blooms session chaired by Keith Skiles (VA Dept. of Health), and Kim Reece (VIMS).

The breakout sessions focused on stakeholder issues in the region brought up by the stakeholder panel and how MARACOOS can position itself to address the needs of the community in our footprint. Sessions ended with coming up with actionable items, continued working groups, and 1-5 year buildout plans.

The meeting’s second day included Board elections and updates as given by Carolyn Thoroughgood, Ed Kelly, Scott Glenn, Gerhard Kuska, and Michael Crowley.

Scott Glenn, Vice Chair of the MARACOOS Board and Kelly Knee of Applied Science Associates then spoke to the group on how MARACOOS can build on the successful foundation of 2015.

Carl Gouldman the Deputy Director for U.S. IOOS Program Office tackled big picture issues by exploring what is in store for IOOS Program Office in 2016 and beyond.

He was followed up by Josie Quintrell the Executive Director for the IOOS Association who spoke of its goals for the upcoming year and the future as a whole.

The meeting concluded with short presentations by the Breakout Session chairs summarizing the previous day’s Breakout Sessions and action items that came out of them. The final panel focused on the next steps MARACOOS should take in order to implement “Innovation, Integration, and Industry”. This panel featured MARACOOS staff including Heather Kerkering, Director of Innovative Partnerships, Carolyn Thoroughgood, MARACOOS Board Chair, Scott Glenn, MARACOOS Board Vice Chair, Gerhard Kuska, Executive Director, Peter Moore, Director of Stakeholder Engagement, and Emily Patrolia, Director of Government Relations.

MARACOOS would like to thank everyone who contributed to making its Annual Meeting such a success and hopes to see everyone again next year!

The following were the presentations given at the 2016 Annual Meeting: