IOOS Proposals

  • MARACOOS Proposal, 2011-2016

    Building on accomplishments and lessons learned, the proposed effort over the next 5 years will (1) unite and integrate the organizational activities of MACOORA and the operational activities of MARCOOS into a new corporate entity called the Mid-Atlantic Regional Association Coastal Ocean Observing System (MARACOOS); (2) maintain and expand the existing observing, data management and forecasting subsystems focused on the transition from data-generated to model-generated ensemble ocean forecast products that target multiple users; and (3) expand end-to-end operations across all five regional themes through (a) enhanced education and engagement activities, (b) the leveraging of resources beyond IOOS through expanded Users and Advisory Councils, and (c) the application of NFRA-endorsed metrics to measure and demonstrate success.

  • MARCOOS Year 4 proposal, 2010-2011

    The year-4 extension of the initial 3-year MARCOOS implementation phase will allow us to sustain the operation of the regional ocean data acquisition, management, modeling, and product generation system. It was originally constructed in response to region-wide user needs in two priority theme areas: Maritime Safety and Ecosystem-Based Management. During year 4, we propose to create and distribute new data and information products that address MACOORA regional user needs for Water Quality, Coastal Inundation, and Energy. These extensions build on our product delivery successes of the past 2 years, where the IOOS investments in core products developed for Themes 1 & 2 now support product development for Themes 3, 4 & 5.

  • MACOORA Proposal, 2008-2011

    MACOORA’ objective is to mount a comprehensive effort to engage stakeholders at the local and regional level in order to ascertain regional priorities for data collection, data delivery, and data products. MACOORA will build on its previous progress, engage stakeholders in the conduct of the regional association, coordinate the design and implementation of its regional operational observing system (MACOORA) to meet local, regional, and national coastal observing needs leading to informed decision making.

  • MARCOOS Year 1-3 proposal, 2007-2010

    MACOORA formed the Mid-Atlantic Regional Coastal Ocean Observing System (MARCOOS) to generate quality controlled and sustained ocean observation and forecast products that fulfill user needs. MARCOOS products will support the two priority regional themes of Maritime Safety and Ecological Decision Support and provide critical regional-scale input to MACOORA’s nested subregional efforts on Coastal Inundation and on Water Quality. MARCOOS will accomplish this by coordinating an extensive array of existing observational, data management, and modeling assets to generate and disseminate real-time data, nowcasts and forecasts of the ocean extending from Cape Cod to Cape Hatteras.

  • MACOORA Proposal, 2005-2008

    The challenge to fully develop the potential of the Coastal Ocean Observing System in the Mid-Atlantic is met through the involvement a broad range of stakeholders—the private sector, including shippers, carriers, and port authorities, representatives of the oil and gas industry, the chemical industry, the fishing industry, consulting engineers, equipment developers, etc. as well as representatives of the public at-large. This engagement is recognized to be an incremental and time consuming one, as first the potential stakeholders must understand the value of their participation.