North Carolina Coast

Ocean observing in North Carolina’s coastal region plays an essential role in supporting regional economic activity. Data collected by SECOORA and local partners are accessible in raw form and in decision-support tools such as the North Carolina NERRS System-Wide Monitoring Program (SWMP) to the Coast Guard, coastal managers, commercial and recreational fishermen, and others. MARACOOS supports development of robust coastal observing systems and data products that boost economic growth and protect residents from future coastal hazards in North Carolina’s Coastal Region.

Featured North Carolina Coast Data Tools

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SECOORA Data Portal

AS the IOOS of the Southeastern Atlantic, SECOORA provides access to over 4,000 datasets through theirportal. Use the tool to explore, download and visualize ocean and coastal data and models in the Southeastern U.S.

UNC-W Coastal Ocean Research and Monitoring Program (CORMP)

CORMP operates 5 mooring stations in North Carolina. The data buoys provide real-time weather, sea state, and water quality data for use by the public, as well as the scientific and public safety communities. Data are collected to increase maritime safety, improve better forecasting of coastal hazards, support ecosystem based management and living marine resources, understand local coastal climate patterns through CORMP’s long-term data set.

Phytoplankton Monitoring Network – NOAA

Data products related to phytoplankton monitoring and Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB’s) for Atlantic Regions 2 and 3 (North and South of Cape Lookout, NC)