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Real Time Data


Google Earth Overlays

All of the links below allow users to download kmz files for displaying data and model forecasts in Google Earth.

Satellite Imagery Sea Surface Temperature & Chlorophyll


High Frequency Radar Surface Currents


ARGO Floats

Rutgers Ocean Modeling Group

Stevens NY Harbor Observing & Predicting System (NYHOPS):

Harbor Observing & Predicting System (HOPS):

Short Term Prediction System (STPS):

Research Vessel Hugh R. Sharp

NOAA Real-Time Ocean Forecast System - NEW!

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Raw Data Archive


THREDDS (Thematic Realtime Environmental Distributed Data Services) software, built by Unidata, is software used to deliver data, not graphs or maps, to researchers and educators. Not only can MARACOOS scientists perform research on the data, but scientists in kindergarten, grammar school, high school, colleges and homes around the country and world can too. Some data are archived for over a decade and available here. MARACOOS offers several types of data from the Mid-Atlantic Bight region to researchers including the following:

Data Access