39th annual MABPOM Meeting

Representatives from MARACOOS attended the 39th annual Mid Atlantic Bight Physical Oceanography and Meteorology Meeting (MABPOM) on October 11 and 12, 2011.  The meeting, hosted by the Horn Point Laboratory at University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, is an opportunity to share results focused on the dynamics of the Mid Atlantic Bight. Josh Kohut presented an overview of MARACOOS and its activities in the region.  The presentation illustrated how the data and analysis generated by the MARACOOS team could support scientific research in the region.

Damaged Underwater Glider Rescued by local fisherman

GliderUnderwater Glider RU23 immediately before recovery by fishing vessel Elizabeth.  It suffered a lost wing and is surrounded by triggerfish.


RU23 was on a combined an IOOS/Navy mission from Massachusetts to New Jersey to map the regional structure of the warm surface water and cold bottom water. Here is the temperature profile from it’s sensors clearly showing the stratification between the two layers:

MARACOOS supporting an EPA glider mission to map oxygen

The glider is able to collect high-resolution data.  The data images below show the glider flight path and the concentration and percent saturation of oxygen.  For the concentrations you can clearly see the build up of the oxygen during the day (red values in the surface waters) and the percent saturation data (blue waters at depth) showing declines in the bottom water oxygen values as the glider heads south.

Mid-Atlantic Cold Pool study

MARACOOS Ecosystems Regional Theme benefits from real-time data collected by underwater gliders and the science proposal it supports.

Scientists from the University of Massachusetts, University of Maryland, State University of N.Y. Stony Brook, University of Rhode Island and Rutgers University recently authored a large proposal to study the Mid-Atlantic Cold Pool.