MARACOOS powers understanding and prediction of ocean and coastal systems, enabling better decisions through better data.

MARACOOS is the Mid-Atlantic Regional Association Coastal Ocean Observing System, covering the region from Cape Cod, MA to Cape Hatteras, NC for U.S. IOOS

MARACOOS is a regional association of partners that collect unique ocean and coastal data that is transformed into information products that support jobs, the economy, safety and well-being for the more than 78 million people living, visiting, and working in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Working with people who actually work in and around the ocean, coasts, bays, and rivers, MARACOOS cultivates data with purpose.

The Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) is a national-regional partnership that provides decision tools to improve safety and strengthen the economy.

Easily accessible information is available in near real time enhancing our ability to understand and predict water and weather conditions along our coast. The network of regional associations that comprise U.S. IOOS enables tailored approaches and solutions to regional problems and enhances national-level programs and tools. MARACOOS, as one of the eleven regional associations, is IOOS in the Mid-Atlantic.

Our data supports information tools that help people make decisions

Maritime commerce and safety

Protection against coastal hazards

Development of fisheries and fishing communities

Access to healthy waters

Offshore Energy