Working with people who actually work in and around the ocean, coasts, bays, and rivers, MARACOOS cultivates data with purpose.

These data support information tools that help people make decisions. We focus our work in five main areas:

Coastal Hazards

MARACOOS data, predictions, portals and tailored information play an important role in supporting safer and more resilient communities along our coasts. Community planners and emergency personnel can easily access information on current coastal conditions or predictions of future conditions from MARACOOS and its partners.


Since our nation’s founding, fishing in the Mid-Atlantic has played a critical role in providing healthy food, good jobs, recreational opportunities, and contributions to our state, regional and national economies. MARACOOS works with the fisheries community to incorporate environmental observations and predictions to support safe and sustainable fishing, more informed management of these valuable resources, and long-term economic viability.

Maritime Commerce & Safety

Maritime transportation and commerce are critically important to the Mid-Atlantic region. Efficient and safe maritime operations are a key piece in our regional and national economy. General maritime safety protects lives, ships and cargo. Safety measures are important for not only those working on ships and in ports, but also for the coastal tourism economy that spans our beautiful beaches and waterways in the Mid-Atlantic.

Water Quality

Marine and coastal waters along the Mid-Atlantic sustain important food sources and commercial and recreational activities. Maintaining the quality of our waters is critical to maintaining and developing our ability to use these waters for economic and recreational purposes. Issues like pathogens (vibrio), acidification, and sewage and oil spills affect the health of our waters, our citizens, and our tourist visitors and the underlying economy.


The Mid-Atlantic boasts some of the highest energy prices in the country, demanding more efficient operation of existing energy production as well as the potential development of new energy sources. MARACOOS works with the energy sector and state and federal managers on the planning, decision making, and operations of energy development efforts along Mid-Atlantic offshore waters.